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Our food proudly comes from our Yiayia (Panagiota), she really is the inspiration behind The Olive Tree! Growing up in Thessaly, it was embedded into her cooking DNA that fresh works best and what the earth provides, you supply - these words resonate throughout our cooking and our day to day operations in which we provide fresh, traditional and wholesome food to deliver an authentic dining experience, in an environment Greece herself would be proud of!

Growing up, money was hard to come by and the struggles of life were ever apparent, but the one memory that is everlasting in our family’s heart and mind was food and good company - there was no greater feeling than rocking up to Yiayia’s on a mid-week evening, only to be greeted by your cousins, friends and family, with enough food on the table to last an eternity (to be fair, it wouldn’t last the night but you get the picture).

Our memories of growing up, with food such a focal part of our lives and upbringing, we want to share with you - through generations of home-style cooking, we welcome you all to a Taste of Greece in Berkhamsted!

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The Restaurant

When opening our doors in 2015 to the vibrant foodie town that is Berkhamsted, our main goal was to bring a piece of Greece to our busy high street. Our white washed panelled walls are reminiscent of the famous ports of the Ionian islands, the bright, yet soft feature of our bourgainvilleas which help bring a piece of Antiparos to life, to our imported Greek stone feature walls, paying homage to the one of the ancient wonders of the world - the Acropolis! 

When our guests walk through the door, we want them to feel as if a piece of Greece is ever present, making them feel relaxed and joyous, with traditional music in the background and free-flowing aromas of fresh food swirling throughout the restaurant - just as if they were on holiday!

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