Meet The Team

Where would we be without our handpicked front and back of house staff at the Olive Tree?

They are the heart and soul of our restaurant, fiercely loyal and always willing to go the extra mile. You only have to dip into our internet reviews to understand how our customers feel about them. And we feel the same!

Helena Green – Waitress

What is your proudest moment? My proudest moment was either finally passing my driving test or raising over £1500 for a sponsored 10k run for my world challenge trip to India….Fitness is just one of those things no-one enjoys, but to help those in need, it’s something I’d be willingto do again!

If you could dine with 3 guests at dinner, alive or not, who would you choose? Kurt cobain (RIP), Jake Gyllenhall (Sexy) and Obama!

What is the stupidest thing you’ve done because someone dared you to? Eaten a bug sandwich – nope, don’t really remember it too much and am glad I don’t, think we can leave that one there!

What’s your favourite thing about working at The Olive Tree?
My favourite thing about working at The Olive Tree is the welcoming atmosphere as I’m surrounded by friendly staff and the smell of delicious food! Ohh and I get to eat that delicious food…….A LOT!

What are you most likely to become famous for? I’m probably most likely to become internet famous for doing something stupid like falling over in public as I’m clumsy or struggling to parallel park hence why it was one of my proudest moments!

Giannis Goutsos-Karagiannis – Shift Supervisor

What is your best memory of Greece growing up as a child? Growing up with my yiayia in her small village. It was peaceful, relaxing and plenty of childhood memories were made with such little we had…I would give everything to go back to those days.
What is your proudest moment? Serving in the Greek Army. You get a ridiculous sense of pride when you swear an oath to protect the flag at all cost. It teaches you discipline and gives you a clear understanding of why you should be proud of who you are as a person!
If you could dine with 3 guests at dinner, alive or not, who would you choose? My mother who is my rock, someone who has taught me everything I know and the person I love more than anything in this world. Then, it would have to be my father who I lost 8 years ago. I couldn’t think of another face I’d rather see more opposite me at a dinner table! I’d do anything to see his face one last time. And to finish would be my brother Kostas, who stepped up in my father’s absence. Family is everything to me!
Who is your hero and why? My father. He is and will always be my inspiration. Even when battling cancer, he would always tell us he would defeat it and never showed pain in his face around us. He taught me that life can be tough, but with a strong will you can achieve many things.
What is your favourite hobby and past-time? I am an avid gamer, but with my recent physical transformation (I’ve lost almost 30kgs) it is equally now the gym and staying fit. I’m in a great place in my life and in the near future, I will marry my best friend back home in Greece!
Favourite dish on The Olive Tree menu? Octapodi – no questions asked. It is something I enjoyed in Greece with an Ouzo or Tsipouro, the way Meze should be! Something I enjoy when I eat here at The Olive Tree!

Sandra Klappas – The Boss

Who is your hero and why? My mother, I lost her 6 years ago to Alzheimer’s. She made me the woman, wife and mother I am today – Ti Amo Mama!
Favourite memory growing up as a little girl? Climbing up the Jacaranda tree in my father’s yard. The neighbourhood nicknamed me Tarzan!
Invite three guests to dinner, dead or alive. Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball.
Favourite dish on the Olive Tree menu? With the new menu coming out soon and Youvetsi making its anticipated return I would say that, but on the current menu, it’s hands down our Filo Feta Wrap!!
You’re an Italian, married to a Greek, the World Cup is on and it’s Italy v Greece in the final – who wins? Hahaha! Greece needs to make the World Cup (oops they didn’t, thanks to Croatia) so obviously Italy! Forza Italia.
Favourite thing about being a mother? Having my children as my best friends. Seeing them grow up and still be humble. They are my life, my breath –  my everything!

Donatelle Mecaj – Senior Grill Chef

Three dinner party guests – dead or alive? An easy first is my sister as she is the only sibling I have and is my best friend. Second would be Armin Van Buuren as he is my all-time favourite DJ, nothing better than sitting next to greatness! And lastly, Cristiano Ronaldo, someone needs to pay the bill!
What’s your favourite thing about working at The Olive Tree? The atmosphere and friendly environment we have. When you come into the restaurant smiling and happy, looking forward to going into work it makes your life that much easier and even when we are really busy, it’s nice to know you’ve got support from your colleagues.
Why do you enjoy being a chef and what motivates you? I am a creative person. The ability to create dishes from simple ingredients motivates me to achieve more. Each week we are given a special to create by our head chef which allows us to express our creative side and flair. Motivation comes from the constant compliments we receive from customers – when you know customers are enjoying the food you produce, it motivates you even more!
What’s your favourite memory about Greece? I remember growing up in our little village, me and all my friends would be out from sunrise and be home late at night. Playing in the streets, going to the beach and having a carefree attitude to enjoy life to its fullest – sometimes I wish I never grew up and could freeze time!
What’s your favourite team (all sports)? I’m a red through and through, You’ll never walk alone!
What are your hobbies outside of work? I enjoy staying fit and healthy through gym and playing football with mates, then once we finish, heading out to a pub or for a night out is always a bonus. Life is great!

Julian Thano – Shift Supervisor

What’s your favourite dish at The Olive Tree? It would have to be our Filo Feta Wrap
Your strangest talent? I can place my thumb in a perfect “S” shape – I’m very special!
Three dinner party guests – dead or alive? I’m going to have to go first and foremost 2pac (RIP) followed closely by Chester from Linkin Park (RIP) and of course the football god himself – MESSI – (RIP Ronaldo).

What’s the best rumour you’ve ever heard about yourself? When I started working in hospitality, I always made sure I dressed smartly and appropriately. On my first shift, people thought I was rich, mistaking me for the owner (little did they know I was living with 4 friends to make ends meet).
If you could marry a celebrity, who would it be and why? 100000000% my girlfriend as she is in my eyes, a celebrity herself – NAWWWWWW.

John Klappas – He’s The Daddy

What’s your favourite dish on the menu? I don’t have one in particular, yet I must say the most mouthwatering dishes that spring to mind include the moussaka (although a biased choice as it is my mother’s recipe) along with the Filo Feta Wrap….Yum Yum Yum!
What’s your favourite childhood memory growing up in Greece? I used to go with my family every summer to Halkida and in particular, Agio Minas and Bournonda Beach where we enjoyed being able to swim out to the far ocean and jump off the moored fishing boats as well as gathering cockle shell to have for lunch.
Favourite place to visit in Greece? I have a soft spot for Kalamata but that’s because of the beautiful coastline and it’s my father’s birthplace, although in all honesty, visiting anything that has any archaeological significance intrigues me.
Always a controversial question -what’s your favourite football team? Olympiakos Football Club!
What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Spending my time with family and friends.